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B2B Sales is our expertise.

We build successful B2B sales teams and run them.


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Building Successful Sales Organisations

We support technology-driven organizations through 3 key levers in developing a high performing sales team

  • Know-how
  • People
  • Tools


We cover all steps along the B2B sales process.

Consulting & Interim Management

We support organizations to build up their B2B sales organizations. We cover both the strategic / analytical perspective, as well as the personal / coaching perspective.

Sales Recruitment & Development

We offer recruitment services for B2B sales talent. We cover junior, senior and leadership positions.


We invest in B2B oriented start-ups in seed rounds. We are interested in B2B SaaS, software, platforms and online marketing.

B2B Sales Tools

We develop tools and content for B2B sales teams to sell more effectively and manage teams more efficiently.


More about us

Dr. Jens Hutzschenreuter

Managing Director / Geschäftsführer


Within digitalbusinessgroup, Jens works predominantly with our large partners on sales process organization and improvement programs. He also supports the recruitment of senior profiles and sales leadership positions.

Prior to his engagement in digitalbusinessgroup, Jens was a co-founder of Citydeal and Groupon. He was responsible for Sales & Operations and held various executive roles in different countries.

  • Developed a highly structured B2B sales model (“Groupon Sales Model” – comparable to the “Toyota Production System” for B2B sales) to drive consistent revenues within B2B sales teams
  • Rolled out the model in various global markets (UK, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, USA, D-A-CH)
  • Built the fastest growing country organization (South Korea) within Groupon
  • Managed up to 200 Inside and Outside Sales reps in the USA (Chicago HQ)
  • Managed up to 800 employees in the region Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Prior to his roles at Groupon, Jens was a management consultant with The Boston Consulting Group from 2003 to 2010. He focused on advising clients on topics of Sales & Marketing in High-Tech industries like Automotive, Industrial Engineering or Energy.

After his master of science degree in industrial engineering from Stuttgart University, he graduated from a doctorate program in Entrepreneurship from RWTH Aachen University. He also worked as a Visiting Scholar at the Wharton School at the Universtiy of Pennsylvania.

You can find more details on Jens on LinkedIn.

Our typical customers

Start-Ups / Venture Capital

New and innovative products / services

Typically growth between 20% and 200% per year developing new markets & solutions.

SMEs / Private Equity

Existing products through new channels

Typically looking to sell established products / services through digital channels.


New and innovative products / services

Typically new departments (e.g. digital labs) looking to grow new business.

e.g., from these industries (among others)

Software / SaaS

Electronic / Embedded Systems



Engineering / Robotics

Medical devices

Market place

Online Marketing

HR Tech


Financial services



We work with great companies (examples)

Funded by great investors (examples) 

Making an Impact In Your Sales Organization

We support B2B sales organizations with software tools, actionable support and new team members to reach their ambitious goals. We are passionate about the B2B Sales process: Through better tools, better structured processes and better team members we increase the performance of sales teams. Geographically, we work with sales organizations in North America and Europe.

Through the work with best-in class sales organizations and previous experience, we developed a highly structured and analytical view on the B2B sales. One can think of it as the “Toyota Production System” for Sales. We are using our experience of over 20 B2B sales organizations to derive best practices and implement them in client’s sales teams.

Typical projects

So, what kind of projects are you working on?

Enterprise SaaS Platform B2B

  • Size: Total team of 40 emp., B2B sales team 10 emp.
  • B2B sales process assessment, coaching of Head of Sales
  • Coaching of sales agents on pitch optimization

B2B Services platform

  • Size: Total team of 200 emp., B2B sales team 15 emp.
  • B2B sales process assessment
  • Sales activation programme and CRM optimization measures

Real Estate Financing platform

  • Size: Total team of 250 emp., B2B sales team 30 emp.
  • B2B sales process assessment, identification of improvement levers
  • Implementation support and alignment of sales with marketing priorities

Real Estate Lead Generation

  • Size: Total team of 80 emp., B2B sales team 10 emp.
  • B2B sales performance review
  • Development & implementation of performance improvement program

Online Marketing (SEO) SaaS Tool B2B 

  • Size: Total team of 80 emp., B2B sales team 20 emp.
  • Long-term performance improvement program & development of new sales team
  • Coaching of VP B2B Enterprise sales

Medical B2B platform

  • Size: Total team of 70 emp., B2C sales team 20 emp.
  • Assessment of sales performance
  • Development and implementation of in-depth sales training programme

B2B Sales Framework

Best-practice framework based on our industry & functional experience

Our projects typically build on a combination of these elements

Sales process

  • Focus: operational sales activities
  • Typically performed by SDRs, AEs and AMs
  • Incl. best-practice scripts
Sales management

  • Focus: activities performed by managers
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly routines
  • Performance management
Sales enablement

  • Focus: training plan & organization
  • Implementation by team (P2P), managers or dedicated ressources
Sales collaterals

  • Focus: relevant written, digital and marketing materials
  • In cooperation with marketing
Margin / price points

  • Focus: measures against high discounts and low average price points
  • Includes sales pitches
Talent management

  • Focus: recruitment, retention and offboarding of individuals
  • Includes career planning
Lead management

  • Focus: identification and management of accounts, contacts & opportunities
  • Includes research strategies
Sales controlling

  • Focus: input factors, intermediate steps & outputs
  • Incl. target setting
Sales incentives

  • Focus: incentive plans, one-time and regular incentives (“spiffs”)
  • Change management of incentive plan changes
Sales tools / CRM

  • Focus: efficient set-up & usage of tools
  • Effective usage of current & input on new tools

Hands-on input

Interesting pieces of content we have worked on

Microsoft for Startups: B2B Sales Playbook

Content can be accessed here

How to manage B2B sales in a crisis

Content can be accessed here

The 5 Common B2B Sales Mistakes of SaaS Startups

Content can be accessed here

High Performance B2B Sales Organizations

Content can be accessed here

StartupValley: B2B Sales Advice

Content can be accessed here
(p. 96-97)


Yes, we are hiring for our team

Sales Manager (m/f/d)

Excited about everything related to B2B sales? Then join our team of sales managers and consultants to drive results with our customers.

Requirements? 3 years of B2B sales management experience. Experience in highly dynamic setups.


Recruiter / HR Business Partner (m/f/d)

Are you excited to work with great candidates and match them with fascinating businesses? We are looking for an additional team member in our Recruitment team.

Requirements? 2 years of HR / recruitment experience, ideally recruiting for sales positions. Proven success as a recruiter.


Intern Online Marketing (m/f/d)

Interested in all aspects of online marketing? We are looking for support to develop campaigns and optimize existing marketing campaigns.

Requirements? Initial experience in online marketing. Strong analytical skills. Highly communicative. Willing to learn.


Intern HR / Recruiting (m/f/d)

Interested in all aspects of HR and Recruitment? We are looking for additional support to in our HR team.

Requirements? Interested in HR / people. Strong analytical skills. Highly communicative. Willing to learn a lot.



Interested? Shoot us a message at


How does digitalbusinessgroup work?

Do you only create presentations & slideshows?

Oh no. Every member of our team ran B2B sales teams before. We all know that sales is about doing the right things and in the right frequency. We are all about implementation of learnings and driving results.

What topics do you cover?

We cover basically all relevant topics from sales strategy, organization, teams, sales management, pitch, sales IT tools, reporting, recruitment, training over to coaching and personnel development.

What kind of projects do you do?

It depends on the scope. We do workshops, short projects (e.g., 2 weeks on site), long projects (e.g., 3-6 months on site) or continuous support (e.g., 1 day per week for 6 months). Usually there will be a team working on your product.

Reach Us

Please feel free to contact us regarding any project or collaboration inquiries.